SATURDAY 02ND November 2019 AT Letchworth

Annual Kathina Ceremony of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre

At the end of Rainy Season Meditation Retreat, Buddhists hosts The Annual Kathina Ceremony as a mark of gratitude to Venerable Monks by Offering Robes, Dana & Gifts to share Blessings & Merits. This is the Highly Blessed Merits Ceremony of Buddhist Tradition, could be held only once in a year. All Are Kindly Invite to BE part of this year ceremony of the centre.





 Ceremony Venue:


We cordially invite you and all in your family to join our Annual Kathina Ceremony (Community Day Celebration) at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural and Meditation Centre.

Kathina Ceremony is the most significant meritorious deed in the Buddhist Tradition.

Dana (Generosity), Sila (Morality) & Bhavana (Meditation) are the key practices of the Buddhists. Kathina Dana is the highest among different types of generosity as it facilitates three months of spiritual practices. This Kathina Ceremony is the once in a year opportunity to gain merits. We invite you all in our community to share these blessings.

Dress Code: Please dress white and be prepared to the cold weather with enough thermals.

We had a very uplifting and accomplishing Spiritual Rains Vassana Retreat this year 2019.

Venerable monks of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre, observed the Rainy Season Meditation Retreat on Sunday 14th Esala (July) Full Moon Day 2019, respecting the advice of the Fully Enlightened One. The Lord Buddha advised to spend The Three Month Rainy Retreat staying in one place fully focusing the advancements of spiritual, Meditation and Educational Development of oneself for the benefit of the noble society. At the end of the rainy season Buddhists celebrate The Kathina Ceremony as a mark of Gratitude to Venerable Monks by offering Robes, Gifts, Dana and Share the Merits. This ceremony is considered as a rare, greatest and noblest act as it can be celebrated in a temple only once a year.

Annual Ceremony of Dhamma Nikethanaya will be held on Saturday 02nd November 2019 from 09PM to 03PM. You are kindly invited to attend this event, sponsor the gifts and robes to share the merits and contribute to the Dana (food) by making a dish to offer to the monks and share with the participants. Also we accept donations towards the cost of the event, hiring the hall, chairs and other necessities. All are cordially invited to attend this unique occasion.

May you and all in your family be well and happy!

With Metta,

Ven. A. Samitha, (Head of the Centre)

Tel: 01462 641 688 Mob: 07983 466 105

Principal Sponsors: Mrs Suba Ramanayake Family, Friends and All the Devotees of the temple. All are welcome to join by any offerings at this rare occasion.

Please Dress in White for the ceremony 

Programme: Saturday 02nd November 2019

9.00 AM        Meeting at the Buddhist Centre to join in Blessings procession of Carrying the Kathina Robe

09.15 AM      Walking Meditation: Procession Starts from Buddhist Centre 69, Pix Road, Letchworth SG6 1PZ (All are encourage to join this wonderful walk with blessings to the whole community)

10.00 AM       Procession reaches to Ceremony Venue

10.10AM        Start Stitching the Robe (Sewing the robe)

10.15AM        Setting Up Kappa Rukka - Wish Fulfilling Tree

11 AM            Buddha Pooja & Sanghika Lunch Dana Offering to Monks

12.30PM        Kathina Robe Offering

12.45PM        Dhamma Talks In English, Sinhala & Hindi

01.15PM        Talk on Benefits of Mindfulness & Guided Meditation

01:40PM        Atavisi Buddha Pooja & Meditation & Seth Pirith Blessings By Venerable Akurala Samitha

02:00PM          Transferance of Merits and END of the Programme.

02.10PM        Lunch to All

Date: Saturday  02nd November 2019

Time: 09AM (Please be on time)

Venue:  Letchworth

(Lots of Free spaces for car parking)

Dress Code: Please dress white and be prepared to the cold weather with enough thermals.

Offering Robes, Other Gifts Requisites (pooja) to the Venerable Monks can be sponsored by donating £50.00 OR General Donations Greatly Appreciated. Atapirikara (Eight Requisites) & (Sivuru pirikara) Robes is available to buy at the ceremony hall. 

All Are Welcome to come and share the blessings. You don’t have to bring anything. Your participation is greatly appreciated. If you still wish to contribute, you can attend to any of the following. Please check with the centre before you buy anything.

Following is an idea how people can contribute to help the ceremony a success. Please note these are not price tags as it is a special meritorious deed. Anyone can still attend as they wish to contribute.

1.    Monks Pirikara (Gifts) £50.00 each for 15 monks (£50 X 15)

2.    Offering a Robe to Monks = £25.00

3.    Offering Atapirikara (A Parcel of Eight Requisites) to monks = £50.00

4.    Travel Expenses for monks

5.    Ceremony Hall Hire £250.00

6.    Any General Donations are greatly appreciated for expenses.

7.   Hamper Gift parcels to Monks. Need 15 of them. Parcel need to include: Packet of razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, body wash, small pack of nuts & small packet of chocolate

8. Fruit Parcels for 15 Monks: One parcel can include: Mango, apple, orange, Pomegranates, grapes, pineapple (all wrapped in a clear sheet)

9.    Disposable for 200: Cups (for tea and water), Spoon, plates, serviettes, Kitchen papers

10. Table Clothes: disposable table cloth (big roll)

11. Fruit Juice: Apple, Pineapple, Mango

12. Water bottles: 2L normal water bottles

13. Food Preparations: Please contact the centre to get the list of food that need to be prepared. Mobile: 07983 466 105

14. Donations: Cheques can be made payable to “Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya”. If you wish to contribute online bank transfer, please call the centre to get the bank details

    Food List Click Here

Date: Saturday 02nd November 2019

Time: 09AM (Please be on time)

Venue: Letchworth,  (Lots of Free spaces to park the cars)

Dress Code: Please dress white and be prepared to the cold weather with enough thermals.

More details please contact the centre

Mobile: 07983 466 105

Centre: 01462 641 688

Venerable Monks Attended Annual Vassana Invitation Ceremony on Esala Full Moon Day 14-07-2019

Main Sponsor Mrs Suba Ramanayake Family together with devotees of the centre made the invitation to the Monks to observe Annual Vassana Retreat 2019

Main Sponsor Mrs Suba Ramanayake Family Friends and devotees of the centre made the invitation to the monks to observe the vassana 2019

Devotees of the Centre Invite monks for the Vassana Retreat Season 2019

Venerable Monks Chant the Dhamma Chakka Pavaththana Sutta on Esala Full Moon Day to start the Annual Vassana Retreat 14-07-2019

Devotees listen to the Dhamma Chakka Pavaththana Sutta on Esala Full Moon Day prior to the Vassana Invitation 14-07-2019

Devotees receiving blessings

Devotees receiving blessings

Main Sponsors of Vassana Season 2019

Main Sponsors of the Vassana Season 2019

Devotees offering pooja

Devotees Receiving Blessings

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