Online Temple Join from Home Special Bodhi Pooja Programme

Every Saturday Evening Bodhi Pooja & Seth Pirith Protection Blessings Chanting

Regular Saturday Special Bodhi Pooja Dhamma Dana Programme. All our temple activities continue from online programmes. You can get all the temple services like Bodhi Pooja, Birthday Blessings, Seth Pirith Chanting, Remembering Departed Loved Ones and Transferring Merits, Offering Dana Pooja, Pansukula funeral Services, Bana Desana (Dhamma Talks), Children Dhamma School, Adults Meditation. This service is even better as our loved ones can join from any parts of the world.

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Blessings during National Lockdown

Speical Bodhi Pooja Blessings on Saturday 16th January

Regular Saturday Dhamma Dana Programme

Online Temple Services & Blessings continue…

We are on National lockdown. Due to the unprecedented rising numbers, lots of our loved ones are being affected. We keep our regular Blessings Pooja for you all. Please do contact us for any spiritual support during this hardest time. Monks and all our serivces are available online at any hour of the day. Centre is partially opened and still abides by the latest government rules with tier system restrictions and national lockdown. Individuals can attend to offer dana, support for online hosting or personal blessings. But highly encourage to join only from home with our online temple. We host all the serves online including Meditation, Dhamma Sermons, Children Dhamma School, Other religious rights and rituals.. You can sponsor any of these services to keep the centre going and make this spiritual support available to the community. Thank you for your on going support. May all these blessings help you all to recover from any difficulties with good health, protection and progress.

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Our Online Temple Special Programmes continue as usual.

Evening Bodhi Pooja & Seth Pirith Protection Chanting

Every Saturday at 6PM

We are hosting Evening Bodhi Pooja and Seth Pirith Chanting on every Saturday at 6-7PM .

You can take the sponsorship to host these evening bodhi pooja and seth pirith chanting. Please contact for available dates on 07983 466 105.

To Reserve your date for Sponsored Dhamma Dana Please Click Below: If you cant find the prepared date please contact the centre

You can use (sponsor) these services for other purposes as well i.g. remembering departed loved ones and transferring merits, birthday blessings, bodhi pooja and protection (seth pirith) chanting etc.

Our Next Programme is on

Saturday 16th January At 6PM

Dhamma Dana Blessings Progamme

Sponsored Bodhi Pooja, Meditation & Seth Pirith Protection Blessings Chanting on

  • Saturday 16th January 2021

06:00 PM - Special Bodhi Pooja, Sinhala Dhamma Sermon, Seth Pirith Protection Blessing Chanting By Venerable Akurala Samitha

Saturday 16th January: Sponosred By

Mr Nishendra, Mrs Nisansala Dissanayake & Son Nisaja Wishing their Loving Father Mr Dharmaratne Nanayakkara a Very Happy 73rd Birthday & also blessings to parents and family of both sides.

If you would like to sponsor any of the forth coming Saturdays, Please contact us or CLICK HERE


06:30 PM Sinhala Dhamma Sermon

By Most Venerable Dickwelle Seelasumana Thera

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07:00 PM - English Dhamma Sermon 

English Talk By Bhante Samitha Akurala

The Discourse on Downfall (Parabhava Sutta) 6th Gatha (verse) 

Niddasili sabhasili 
Anutthata ca yo naro 
Alaso kodhapaññano 
Tam parabhavato mukham 

The person who is fond of sleep and fond of company, inactive, indolent and lazy, and manifesting anger —this is the cause of his downfall

07:10PM: Children Blessings Dhamma School Programme: Children Presentation: Children's New Year Blessings

The Discourse on Downfall (Parabhava Sutta) 4th Gatha (verse) 

Asantassa piya honti 
Sante na kurute piyam 
Asatam dhammam roceti 
Tam parabhavato mukham 

The wicked are dear to him, with the virtuous he finds no delight, he prefers the creed of the wicked — this is a cause of one's downfall. 

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Dear Parents., Please encourage or help your children either recite the gatha or/& say the meaning or make a short presentation (1-2 minutes) on the above gatha.

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        Sunday 17th January 2021

07PM - Mindfulness Meditation Drop In with Dr Thura Limbin

Zoom Login Details:

Online Mindfulness Webinar


User ID: 696 889 1414 


Please contact Padma for Sunday login details on MOBILE: 07944 13 53 14

To Reserve your date for Sponsored Dhamma Dana Please Click Below: If you cant find the prepared date please contact the centre

Sponsored Bodhi Pooja & Seth Pirith Protection Blessings Chanting

Every Saturday at 6PM

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Every Saturday 06:00PM London time

Bodhi Pooja, Meditation Protection Blessings Chanting

You can sponsor the Evening Pooja on your special occasions. If you like to take the dayakathvaya (sponsorship) please let us know on 07983 466 105.

Please prepare some offerings to the Lord Buddha and place it with respect on the altar of the home shrine.

Anybody can join by using the following ID and the password for zoom online access.

Online Details:  Please Follow as below. Click the link below or enter Meeting ID & Password as below at anytime.

Time: Every Saturday at 06:00 PM London

Topic: Evening Bodhi Pooja Protection Blessings Chanting

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Meeting ID: 696 889 1414

Password: Dhamma


Any problems or further details please contact Mobile or Whatsapp on 0044 7944 13 53 14 or 0044 7983 466 105



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Please help the centre to upkeeps during this difficult time. If you can set up a monthly standing order of any kind is a strong help.

If you wish to set up a Monthly Standing Order Please let us know to give you the correct bank account details.

Any form of support is greatly appreciated at this time to upkeep of the centre. Please contribute considerately. Wish you all blessings for Good Health, Protection and happiness... Thank you..

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