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Every Saturday Evening Bodhi Pooja & Seth Pirith Protection Blessings Chanting

All our temple activities continue from online programmes. You can get all the temple services like Bodhi Pooja, Birthday Blessings, Seth Pirith Chanting, Remembering Departed Loved Ones and Transferring Merits, Offering Dana Pooja, Pansukula funeral Services, Bana Desana (Dhamma Talks), Children Dhamma School, Adults Meditation. This service is even better as our loved ones can join from any parts of the world.

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Our Online Temple Special Programmes continue as usual.

Evening Bodhi Pooja & Seth Pirith Protection Chanting

Every Saturday at 6PM

We are hosting Evening Bodhi Pooja and Seth Pirith Chanting on every Saturday at 6-7PM .

You can take the sponsorship to host these evening bodhi pooja and seth pirith chanting. Please contact for available dates on 07983 466 105.

 You can use these services for other purposes as well i.g. remembering departed loved ones and transferring merits, birthday blessings, bodhi pooja and protection (seth pirith) chanting etc.

Our Next Programme is

Sponsored Bodhi Pooja, Meditation & Seth Pirith Protection Blessings Chanting on

  • Saturday 26th September 2020

06:00 PM - Bodhi Pooja, Meditation, Seth Pirith Protection Blessing Chanting By Venerable Akurala Samitha

Sponsed by Mr & Mrs Thennakoon

Vassana September Month & 30th September Dana is Sponsed by Mrs Kisha Chaudhari Alahakoon in Loving Memory of Mr Parimal Kanti Chaudhari



07:00 PM - English Dhamma Sermon & Children Dhamma School Programme

Special Talk will be on Vap Poya 

Significance of Vap Full Moon Poya Day,

The rainy season commenced three months ago with Esala – ‘Vassana Kalo’. It comes to an end with the Vap Poya. The ‘Katina’ season ushers in the Buddhist calendar with Vap, which is popularly known as ‘Cheevara Masaya’.

Vap Poya marks the offering of the ‘Katina Cheevara’ or new robes to Buddhist monks, who observed ‘Vas’ – Rainy Retreat, beginning from Esala to Vap.

‘Katina’ – ‘Cheevara Pooja’, the noble meritorious deed is considered the most sacred wholesome act a Buddhist can perform. It is known as the Great Eight Merits or ‘Ata Kusal’. The word ‘Katina’ means unbreakable. It is believed that those who participate in ‘Katina’ religious activities obtain much merit and they live a happy life in this world as well as in the other world once they depart.

It was on Vap Full Moon Poya Day that the Buddha visited the heavenly abode of Tavatimsa. In this heavenly abode, He preached ‘Abidhamma’ to the Devas of that celestial plane, which resulted in the elevation of ‘Matru Deva’ (Mother Diety) to attain ‘Sotapanna’ and 80 crores of Devas to various stages of Sainthood. Eventually, He terminated his retreat in order to descend to the city gate of Sankassapura. He informed Arahat Moggallana about his arrival. Moggallana had paid him a visit seven days before.

Vap Poya is of great significance for yet another reason. Throughout our cherished history, Buddhists have celebrated Vap on a grand scale. Temples in Sri Lanka will be filled to capacity. They will be involved in ‘Dana’, ‘Seela’, ‘Bhavana’ and thereby they accumulate merit.

Buddhist history reveals another important landmark which is connected to Vap Full Moon Poya Day; for it was on such a day that the future Buddha, Maitriya Bodhisatva, entered the order with a retinue of 500 followers.

Furthermore, Vap Poya paved the way for the arrival of Sangamitta Theri. The advent of Buddhism took place with the advent of ‘Dhammarajassa Savaka’ Arahat Mahinda Thera. King Devanampiyatissa’s sister-in-law Anula, was very keen to enter the Order of Bhikkunis. Therefore, the King made a request to Emperor Asoka to send Sanghamitta Theri.

It is clear as crystal that Sri Lanka and India had a very cordial diplomatic relationship, even at that time. It was on Vap Poya Full Moon Day that Devanampiyatissa sent Minister Maha Aritta, a close relation of Devanampiyatissa to India, for this mission. This resulted in the arrival of Sangamitta during Unduvap Poya, which is in the month of December. It records the establishment of a ‘Bhikkuni Sasanaya’ in Sri Lanka. Sangamitta brought a Bo–Sapling from the Jayasri Maha Bodhiya to Sri Lanka.

The Great King Devanapiyatissa, who propagated Buddhism, questioned Arahat Mahinda whether Buddhism was firmly rooted in Sri Lanka. Arahat Mahinda stated; "Dear King, until such time a person born and bred in Sri Lanka enters the order, holds a ‘Dhamma Sangayanawa’ and after a complete and thorough study of ‘Vinaya’ rules relating to Dhamma, then only will Buddhism be firmly established throughout Sri Lanka."

According to chronicles, this was fulfilled by Minister Aritta, who entered the order. Therefore, the establishment of Buddhism on a firm footing took place on Vap Full Moon Poya Day.

On this Vap Poya Day, Let us follow firmly the five precepts (Pancha Seela), abstain from destroying living beings, abstain from taking things not given, abstain from sexual misconduct, abstain from false speech and abstain from taking anything that causes intoxication.

May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem and the protection of the devas be with you!

07:00PM - English Dhamma Sermon on
07:20PM Children Dhamma

Talk By Bhante Samitha Akurala

07:30PM: Children Homework Presentation on "Vap Poya ??? ?? ???? :

Please encourage your children make a short presentation (1-2 minutes) about that gatha. They can learn it by heart and recite or explain the purpose or meaning in it. 

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        Sunday 27th September 2020

05:00PM -  In English on APSL Discussion Forum on "Sri Lankan Eastern Vs Western Cultrual Values"

By Most Venerable Akurala Samitha
Mr Thushara Madurasinghe
Dr Dulini Fernando
Mr Rohan De Alwis

Sunday Temple Programme Sponsored By Mrs Ramya Cooke to share the blessings for the Birthday of Mr Arjuna Bryan Cooke

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Sponsored Bodhi Pooja & Seth Pirith Protection Blessings Chanting

Every Saturday at 6PM

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Saturday 10th Octomber 2020



 Saturday 17th Octomber 2020  

Saturday 19th September 2020


 Saturday 26th September 2020


 Saturday 03rd October 2020



Every Saturday 06:00PM London time

Bodhi Pooja, Meditation Protection Blessings Chanting

You can sponsor the Evening Pooja on your special occasions. If you like to take the dayakathvaya (sponsorship) please let us know on 07983 466 105.

Please prepare some offerings to the Lord Buddha and place it with respect on the altar of the home shrine.

Anybody can join by using the following ID and the password for zoom online access.

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Time: Every Saturday at 06:00 PM London

Topic: Evening Bodhi Pooja Protection Blessings Chanting

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