Children's Vihara Buddhist Community

Welcome to Buddhist Children’s Vihara Community. Children are our Future. We endeavour to create a wholesome future generation. This page is dedicated for our children to learn Buddha Dhamma & Meditation. This will also lead them to get involved into the Sangha (Buddhist Community). We appreciate and encourage parents and elders to support us to fulfil this noble course.

We welcome children to visit us......

This gives opportunities to speak to Bhantes (Monks). Please be attended with parents. They can spend time asking questions, listening to stories of Life of Buddha and enjoy wonderful environment of peace, clam, improve their level of concentration, memory and joy of meditation on loving compassion.

Further Study of Buddhism for Children: please visit Buddha Net: CLICK HERE

Community Comments:

If you wish to leave a comment, please use our contact us tab or facebook or simply email us. We appreciate your feedbacks. A Big thank you for parents and children who already shared their thoughts. May you all be well and happy! May you have every courage to promote our wholesome future generation. With light of wisdom and love, Bhante Samitha.



Mindfulness Meet Up Community Open Day Saturday 14th January 2017

Joining Sangha On Vesak Sil Programme 01-06-2013

Children Taking Refuges, Observing Eight Precepts (sil) and Paying Homage to Buddha Dhamma Sangha on Vesak Buddha Day Celebration Milton Keynes 01-06-2013

Children Listening to Dhamma on Vesak Sil Programme at Milton Keynes 01-06-2013

Children & Parents Attending Vesak Sakmana Walking Meditation on their Sil Programme 01-06-2013

Children Observing Sil (Eight Precepts) for the first time, partaking their lunch dana with Bhante Samitha Vesak Programme Milton Keynes 01-06-2013

Partaking Lunch Dana. Children Observing Sil (Eight Precepts) on Vesak Programme at Milton Keynes supported by Bhante Samitha Dhamma Nikethanaya

Children observed Sil (Eight Precept) whole day with Bhante Samitha at Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda on Vesak Buddha Day Celebration 01-06-2013

With Bhante Samitha of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre and Sister Revd. Maruta Matanji San of Milton Keynes Nipponzan Myohoji Peace Pagoda at the end of their Sil Programme on Vesak Buddha Day 01-06-2013

Inauguration of Samitha Sri Dhamma School, Bracknell Dhamma Nikethanaya 01-01-2013

Children & Parents of Leicester Buddhist Vihara learning to practice walking meditation for the first time with Bhante Samitha on Vesak Observance Day Saturday 25th May 2013

Bhante Samitha teaching loving kindess meditation 14-01-2017

Mindfulness Meet up Community Open Day Saturday 14th January 2017