New Year Blessings Pooja Wishing you all A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2021

You Can Sponsor Online Special Blessings Pooja for a Healthy & Prosperous New Year 2021

Wish you all A Happy New Year..! Special Online Blessings Pooja will take place at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Meditation Centre for wishing a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2021 on Friday 01st January at 7AM - 11AM & 5PM. Please Join on time from Zoom to Our Online Temple. All are kindly invited to share blessings at the dawn of the brand new year 2021! You can sponsor one of the 28 Buddha Pooja on this New Year Day Blessing.

Special Blessings Pooja...

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Wishing you All A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2021

31st Dec Night Blessings at 11AM Chanting Healing Discorses Bojjhanga Suttas. 

Special New Year Day 01st January Blessings Online Poojas will take place at

7AM - 11AM and Main Blessings Pooja at 5PM

Please Login on time and all are welcome..!

Due to new Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions and Tier rules, we host these blessings online only. Temple is open all days for individual prayers by appointments only.

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On New Year Day at 5PM

Please Join from Home with

This special protection chanting Pooja by

Creating a Shrine. It is very important..

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by making a donation online. Please use bank details below.

Main Pooja will take place At 5PM:

on New Year Day Friday 01st January 2021

Twenty Eight Buddha Vandana Blessings Pooja


You can sponsor one of the 28 Lord Buddhas in blessings

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A Special Blessings pooja will take place at 7AM - 11AM & 5PM

7AM: Special Kiri Ahara Pooja (Offering Milk Rice) for Lord Buddha!

11AM: Homage Chanting Buddha Pooja Blessings

5PM: Main Blessings Bodhi Pooja Asirvadaya Atavisi Buddha Blessings & Protection Chanting Ceremony

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Suggested Donation £25/= for One Buddha Pooja. But you can donate as you like. Please use the bank details below to make the sponsored Donation: 

Sort Code: 20-41-15  

Account No: 93992683

Barclays Bank PLC, Letchworth –

A/C Name: Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya

Please put your full name as bank reference.

Thank you.  If you need any further help please call 07983 466 105 or 07944 13 53 14.


All your donations will be greatly appreciated for the upkeep of the temple.

The gift of teaching (dhamma dana) is the highest of gift as such a gift has the potential of changing the course of a person’s direction in life to the benefit of himself or herself and to the public at large.


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Zoom ID: 696 889 14 14

Password: dhamma


May we take this opportunity to say thank you for your all the support during year 2020

We all know that we had a very strange year 2020. But it was a year to appreciate what we have and each others support. We all at the centre are very grateful to have you in our community and deeply appreciate your generous support all through out, specially at this hardest time in the history.

With your gratitude we managed to survive and make the blessings available to many walks of life. As you know, this is a time only blessings works and we all were desperately needed and benefited from it.

Thank you so much for all and that made many things possible in our community. May those be real blessings for you all to proceed into an amazing New Year 2021....

We have monks staying at the temple regularly now. If you wish to offer regular monthly dana, please let us know.

We have been continuing our programmes very successfully online and it has been greatly helpful for the community.

To keep these programmes available, we need the help of the community.

Best way to help by making a regular Standing Order Donation to the Centre and sponsoring the programmes we have.

We are very grateful to all our devotees who make already regular standing orders.

May the blessings be with you all.

If you wish to make a standing order please contact us on 07983 466 105 to get the details or use the account details on our website to set it up by yourself.


All are kindly invited to attend!

May the Triple Gem Bless you all!

May all the devas protect you!

May you all have A Blissful New Year 2021.!


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