May Loving Mother Mrs D. D. Mendis Attain Supreme Bliss of Nibbana!

Second Year Remembrance Ceremony of Bhante Samitha's Beloved Mother in Sri Lanka

Venerable Bhante Samitha Akurala is visiting Sri Lanka to host a series of Special ceremonies to commemorate the Loving Memory of Beloved Mother Mrs Dedimuni Dasawathie Mendis on Full Moon Day 01st, 2nd & 03rd March 2018. Whole Night Pirith Chanting would be able to listen online from our website Dhamma TV Channel.

Special Ceremony to Commemorate the Life of Beloved Mother of Venerable Bhante Samitha Akurala will take place in Sri Lanka starting from Full Moon Day 01st March till 03rd March 2018.

This will takes place in Sri Lanka this year.


All are cordially invite to attend!

This is also dedicated all the parents who tireless sacrefised for the welfare of beautiful children. This special tribute to Parents Gratitude Sharing Ceremony will takes place as follow:

On Full Moon Day 01st March 2018

6AM till 9PM on Full Moon Day 01st March 2018

Full Day Programme with Observing 8 or 10 precepts, Meditation Retreat, Dhamma Talks & Free Food Sharing for over 500 attendees of the Sila Programme (Meditation Retreat)

Special Talks:

09 AM on 01st March 2018 Special Dhamma Talk By

Most Venerable Wenamulla Sobhitha Thero (Royal Pandith)

Deputy Principal of Ambalangoda Hirewattha Pirivena

03 PM on 01st March 2018 Special Dhamma Talk By

Most Venerable Rathmalane Ananda Thero

Teacher at Matara Manthinda Pirivena & Deputy Head of Polwattha Aggaramaya

05 PM on 01st March 2018 Special Poetry Twin Speakers Dhamma Talk

(Yuga Sana Kavi Bana) By

Most Venerable Wiharagala Kusala Thero &

Most Venerable Padiyapelelle Pannasobhana Thero

Friday 02nd March at 7PM till 6AM on next day Whole Night Protection Blessing Chanting (Sarvarathri Maha Pirith Desanawa) & Offering food all the participants.

Saturday 03rd March at 7AM: Offering to Food to over 100 Monks

All are kindly invited to the



Distributing School Items and necessities for 1000 needy children in disadvantage families & villages in Sri Lanka.

Please share with all and do join in solidarity in loving memory of all parents:



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