SATURDAY 02ND NOVEMBER 2013 at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya

Annual Kathina Ceremony Sangha (Community) Day Celerabtion of LDN-BCC

Kathina Ceremony is the third & the last Highest Ceremony Centre Calendar Year. Please Keep the Day Free. At the end of Rainy Season Meditation Retreat, Buddhists hosts The Annual Kathina Ceremony as a mark of gratitude to Venerable Monks by Offering Robes, Dana & Gifts to share Blessings & Merits. This is the Highly Blessed Merits Ceremony of Buddhist Tradition, could be held only once in a year. All Are Kindly Invite to BE part of this year ceremony of the centre.

Annual Kathina Ceremony which is called “Sangha (community) Day” is the third and last biggest ceremony we have in the centre. First is the Buddha (Master or Teacher) Day Vesak Celebration in May and second is the Dhamma Day in July (Esala (July) Dhammachakka Day) which commemorate the first sermon, the first monk of 2600 years old unhindered community (oldest monastic tradition) and commencing Spiritual Rains Season. Kathina Ceremony or Sangha (Community) Day is to celebrate the spiritual practice and gratitude towards the support received at the end of the Successful Spiritual Rains Season of three months.

We are so grateful if you could reserve the date free in advance so that you would not miss this great opportunity. We would be delighted to see you and all in your family together this biggest community spirit and strength celebration. We all are very much looking forward to this date on Saturday 02nd November 2013 from 9AM till 3PM.

Please keep visiting our website for up-to-date information of the ceremony.

Venerable monks of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre, observed the Rainy Season Meditation Retreat on Sunday 20th Esala (July) Full Moon Day 2013, respecting the advice of the Fully Enlightened One. The Lord Buddha advised to spend The Three Month Rainy Retreat staying in one place fully focusing the advancements of spiritual, Meditation and Educational Development of oneself for the benefit of the noble society. At the end of the rainy season Buddhists celebrate The Kathina Ceremony as a mark of Gratitude to Venerable Monks by offering Robes, Gifts, Dana and Share the Merits. This ceremony is considered as a rare, greatest and noblest act as it can be celebrated in a temple only once a year.

Annual Ceremony of Dhamma Nikethanaya will be held on Saturday 02nd November 2013 from 9 AM to 3 PM. You are kindly invited to attend this event, sponsor the gifts and robes to share the merits and contribute to the Dana (food) by making a dish to offer to the monks and share with the participants. Also we accept donations towards the cost of the event, hiring the hall, chairs and other necessities. All are cordially invited to attend this unique occasion.

May you and all in your family be well and happy!

With Metta,

Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha, (Head of the Centre)

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