2331st (2567 B.C./2023 A.D.) Poson Full Moon Day Celebration

Special Meditation Retreat & POSON (June) Full Moon Day Programme

A Special Meditation Retreat & Blessings Pooja will be held on Sunday 04th June 2023 at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation & Cultural Centre to mark the Poson Full Moon Day. Programme starts at 8.30AM and Finish By 6PM with Observing Sil, Meditation, Dhamma Talks, Discussions, Buddha Vandana, Bodhi Pooja, Children Programme and Blessings Protection Chanting. All are welcome to join.


Special Poson (June) Full Moon Poya Day Programme

With Meditation Retreat, Observing Sil, Dhamma Talks, Dana Offering, Bodhi Pooja Sath Budu Vandana Pooja and Protection Blessings Chanting.


Sunday 04th June 2023

At Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre

All Are Welcome to Join..!

To sponsor Dan Sela (Food Sharing Stall) or Dhamma Programmes, please contact 07944 13 53 14 or 07944 13 53 14.


8.30AM: Observing Higher (8) Precepts, Homage & Meditation

9.30AM: Meditation

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10.30AM: Dhamma Talk & Discussion


11.00AM: Setting Up Poson Dan Sela 

11:15AM: Offering Buddha Pooja and Sangika Dana,


12:30PM: Food Sharing Stall Poson Dan Sela


2PM: Chanting of Dhamma Chakkapavattana Sutta

3PM: Tea Break

3.30PM: Dhamma Talk and Discussion

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4.45PM: Meditation

5:30PM: Close the Meditation Retreat and Day Programme

6PM: Special Sath Budu Vandana Bodhi Pooja

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You can join the Evening 6PM Programme online or onsite at the vihara too:   

Join Zoom Online Temple ID: 696 889 1414   -  

Password: Dhamma



Greetings from Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre!


Wishing You A Very Happy Dawn of Poson Full Moon !

"Poson Full Moon Day commemorates the introduction of Buddhism to by Arahant Mahinda, under Emperor Asoka of India in the 3rd Century BC, and mark the propagation of the inspirational message of the Enlightenment One along with a grand and invaluable Buddhist Culture to the world.”

A great opportunity for all to practice dhamma. Please join with the full programme. May your hearts be healed with sublime qualities, loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy & equanimity. Do keep us in touch and attain more merits and blessings.

All are welcome..!

Story of Poson: 

Next to Vesak, Poson is the most important full moon day in the Buddhist Calendar. This festival celebrates in Sri Lanka on the full moon of June (Poson). This full Moon marks the launch of Buddhist Mission in 247 B.C. By Emperor Asoka in India and It commemorates the first arrival of Buddhism in the island (Sri Lanka) following the conversion of King Devanampiya Tissa by Mahinda, the monk son of Emperor Asoka. Anuradhapura and Mihintale, where Mahinda met and converted the Sinhalese king, are the main sites for this celebration. During the festival, thousands of white-clad pilgrims climb the stairs to the summit of Mihintale.

The First Intelligence Test On Record

To make sure that the king was intelligent enough to understand the Dhamma, Mahinda Thera asked him some simple questions, which are given below. Reading them, you might think how stupid these questions seem to be.

Read them carefully and you'll see that they are NOT as simple or as stupid as they appear. To answer them, you need to think clearly and sensibly.

Here are the questions of the first Intelligence Test on record.

Q: What name does this tree bear, O King?

A: The tree is called mango.

Q: Is there another mango tree besides this?

A: There are many mango trees.

Q: Are there any trees other than this mango tree and other mango trees?

A: There are many trees Sir, but those are not mango trees.

Q: And are there, besides other mango trees and those trees which are not mango trees, yet other trees?

A: There is this mango tree, Sir.

Thou has a shrewd wit. "O ruler of men" said the Thera.

The catch was in the last question.

The king had thought carefully and answered correctly and quickly.

The Environment Message

Delivered by Arahat Mahinda to King Devanampiyathissa..,

“O’ Great king! The birds of the air and the beasts on the earth have an equal right to live and move about in any part of this land as thou.   The land belongs to the people and all other beings and thou art only the gardian of it.

Let us respect to the Freedom of Living of ALL!


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