Mindfulness Meditation Practitioners Missive

Mindfulness Practitioners Get together from 5PM till 9PM

This Open Day Mindfulness Community portal is to create an opportunity to meet each other and share the experiences of their practice. If you are interested, please do get involve to be part of the family of Mindfulness Meditation Practitioners.


Greetings, Mindfulness Buddies,

As you are probably aware,

Saturday 14th January, from 5pm to 9pm is….

Party Time !!! at 69 Pix Road (Buddhist Academy) Letchworth.

Thank goodness you already have some techniques to help you cope with the excitement as the date draws closer...

Once you have calmed down, here's a few reminders...

Please bring some food to share if you can, whatever you like to eat.

Bring a friend if you like, informal dress acceptable, black tie optional.

Have a drink on us, tea, coffee or soft drinks provided, hot drinks served in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines..

Please let Bhante Samitha know you are coming, thank you.

Mobile: 07983 466 105

Email: buddhistacademy@gmail.com

See you there...

Any questions please

Email: Anne at anneh.ishere@uwclubnet


News Letter: 2017-01

Season's Greetings, Mindfulness Fans,

Here's an easy way for you to keep up with all the latest happenings at the Buddhist Academy in Pix Road, the Mindfulness Missive. This is Bhante's idea to keep us all connected. I hope it helps.

It's Party Time!!!!  You are invited ! Sat 14th January 2017!

Before you rush off to look for your low-cut sparkly top and go rummaging in the kitchen cupboard for that bottle of Chateau de Qu'Off left over from last New Year's Eve, with visions of dancing till dawn with wild abandon forming in your head, calm down..!

Its not that sort of party. We imagined that after Twelfth Night you'd be up to here with all that carry-on, and  be ready for something different in the way of Midwinter Socializing…... so, we offer and welcome you to the :

Dhamma Nikethanaya  January Bash: Sat. Jan 14th 2017

A chance to meet other Mindfulness Students, to share food and friendliness.

On  Saturday 14th of January,

from 5p.m to 9.30 p.m.

at 69 Pix Road, Letchworth. SG6 1PZ



  • Guaranteed to be alcohol, drug and heavy metal free.
  • Dress Code: Clothes should be comfortable and concealing. Tie optional, any colour.
  • Food:  Please bring something to share.
  • Drinks:  Hot and cold drinks will be served.
  • People:  Bring a loved one, friends or children if you wish.
  • Reply:  Please let Venerable Bhante Samitha know a few days before if you can come, so we know how many chairs we'll need.

More information: contact Bhante by email or phone no. 07983 466 105.

Also, in case you or anyone you know would like to change their life for the better there are two courses starting at the centre in March/April and a retreat.

Beginners 10 week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

on Thursday March 30th at 7p.m

Advanced 12-week Mindfulness Meditation Course

on Wed. 26th April at 7p.m.

One Day Retreat  

on Saturday 18th February 9.30 a.m -5.30 p.m

Book soon as places are limited.

That's all for now,



Children Enjoy the Community Day 14-01-2017

Mindfulness Meet up Community Day

Mindfulness Meditation community Day

Mindfulness Community Day

Bhante Samitha teaching Loving Kindness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Community Day

Mindfulness Meditation Meet Up Community Open Day

Mindfulness Community Day Meet Up

Mindfulness Meet Up Community Day Celebration

Mindfulness Meet Up Community Day

Mindfulness Meditation Meet Up

Mindfulness Community Day Celebration

Mindfulness Meet Up Community Day

Mindfulness Meet Up Community Open Day

Mindfulness meet up Community Day

Mindfulness Meditation Meet Up Community Open Day Saturday 14th January 2017

Thank you so much for Mrs Anne Howarth for organizing the day. It was a great fun and wisdom. Looking forward to it again.

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