Vassana Monks Observing Three Months Rains Retreat

Ayan Vassana Kalo This is the Spiritual Rains Retreat Season

This is the Annual Vassana Season (Three Months Spiritual Rains Retreat), holiest and most meritorios time. All are invited to participate this rare occation. You can sponsor any of the 12 week during this three months to gain highest blessings. If you would like to sponsor, please let us know.

Esala Full Moon Day Vas Aradhana Pinkama

Traditional Invitation Ceremony for

Annual Three Months Rains Retreat 2024

At Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre

A blissful ceremony was held to observe the significances of Esala (July) Full Moon Poya Day at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist meditation Centre on Sunday 14th July 2024.

The Traditional Invitation was respectfully offered to Most Venerable Monks at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre to observe the Annual Three Months Spiritual Retreat 2024.

Most Venerable Monks Chanted the First Discourse delivered By the Blessed One, Dhamma Chakkhapavattana Sutta together with a special blessings pooja and gave Dhamma Talks both in Sinhala & English explaining the significances of the Esala Full Moon Poya Day and Vas Aradhana (Invitation to Three Months Retreat).

The Main Sponsors for This Year Vas Invitation and Kathina Ceremony 2024 were

  • Mr Indika Daluwathumulla, Mrs Malindi & Family. 
  • Mr Rasika Jayawardena, Mrs Wipuli & Family. 
  • Mr Upul Ekanayake, Mrs Thanuja & Family.
    with the participation of all the devotees of the Buddhist Centre.

Most Venerable Akurala Samitha Thera and other monks attended the ceremony and proceeded to observe the three months rains retreat (vassana) at the vihara (centre).

Devotees are welcome to participate weekly Special Pooja, Chanting Protection Blessings (Seth Pirith), Monthly Full Moon Day Programmes, Meditation Retreats, Dhamma Talks and many more blissful ceremonies during this Holy Three Months.

Devotees can sponsor one of the 12 weeks of the three months. Suggested Donation to support temple and monks’ welfare for a week is £100/= (you can contribute more or less as you like). If you wish to sponsor any of the week, please contact the vihara (centre).

Mobile: 07983 466 105



Our Annual Kathina Ceremony is on Saturday 26th October 2024 at 10AM. All are invited to keep the day free and participate. More details please visit our website.

May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you all..! 

For Sponsorships of this rare occasion or Other Information, 
Please Contact The Centre.

All Are Cordially Welcome..!

Ways to Sponsor and help:

Sponsor one of 12 Weekly Pooja:
A suggested donation for one of the 12 weekly poojas is £100/=, in addition to preparing the pooja items such as flowers, gilanpasa, lights, etc. It is possible to request a Dhamma activity of your preference on the day of your sponsored pooja (e.g., Bodhi Pooja, Mawpiya Vandana, Offering of Medicinal Requisites, Talk by invited monk, etc.)

Sponsor Atavisi (28) Sambuddha Poojava: Saturday 21st September 2024

  • One of 28 Buddha Pooja (suggested donation £100/=. This includes all pooja items for one of the 28 SamBuddha Poojava such as an Atapirikara, a Robe & a Gilanpasa tray with flowers incense etc.)
Or offering items separately such as
offering of

  • An Atapirikara (Suggested Donation £50/=)
  • A Robe (Cheevara) (Suggested Donation £30/=)
  • A Full Gilanpasa Flowers Light Incense Pooja Tray (Suggested donation £15/=)
  • by any other general donation.

Note: Although donations for sponsorship have been suggested, you are welcome to donate any amount you feel able to

Forthcoming Event Dates and Availabilities for Sponsoring
During the 2024 Vassana Season Three Months Spiritual Retreat at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre:

??Saturday 20th July at 6PM 
Sponsored: Mr Rasika & Mrs Wipuli Jayawardana and Family
??Saturday 27th July at 6PM 

?? Saturday 03rd August at 6PM 

?? Saturday 10th August at 6PM 

?? Saturday 17th August at 6PM 
Nikini Full Moon Poya Day
?? Saturday 24th August at 6PM 
?? Saturday 31st August at 6PM 
Sponsored: Mr Asanga & Mrs Sangeetha Agalakotuwa and Family.  
?? Saturday 07th September at 6PM

?? Saturday 14th September at 6PM 
?? Saturday 21st September at 6PM 
Binara Full Moon Poya Day & Atavisi Buddha Special Pooja
Sponsors and things needed for 28 SamBuddha poojava or to offer Robes or Atapirikaare are posted as a separate event on our website.
Mrs Kushlani Dep and family
?? Saturday 28th September at 6PM 
?? Saturday 05th October at 6PM 
?? Saturday 12th October at 6PM 
Vap Full Moon Poya Day.

?? Saturday 19th October at 6PM 

??Saturday 21st October at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 26th October at 6PM 
Annual Kathina Ceremony of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya.
Sponsored: Main Sponsor Families and 
further opportunities for others to sponsor Kathina Day ceremony.
?? Saturday 02nd November at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 09th November at 6PM
Sponsor needed:
?? Sunday 16th November at 6PM 
Ill Full Moon Poya Day

?? Saturday 23rd November at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 30th November at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 07th December at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 14th December at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 21st December at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 28th December at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:
?? Saturday 04th January at 6PM 
Sponsor needed:


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