A Day Retreat in Meditation, Silence & Spiritual Blisss..

7AM-9PM: Join Us to Practice Meditation on One Day Retreat on 19th September 2013

Every Month on the Full Moon Day we observe a Day Retreat from 7AM till 9PM. Participants can come and go as time suits to them. We practice, Chanting, Silence, Mindfulness Meditation, Universal Compassion, Walking Meditation & Dhamma Discussions. We invite you to join us on this day of peace, happiness and well-being.

A Day of Peace, Happiness, Silence, Meditation & Spiritual Bliss....

We invite you all with joint palms to come and join us on Day of Meditation. We organize a Series of Monthly One Day Meditation Retreats.

A Series of Monthly Meditation Retreats.....

Our Next One Day Monthly Retreat.... is on Tuesday 19th September 2013 from 7AM till 9PM.

We are delighted to facilitate and offer you all a wonderful opportunity to practice Meditation more engaged way by organizing A Series of Monthly One Day Retreats on every full Moon day of the month.

Our Centre organizes a whole Day Retreat of Meditation Practice Monthly on Every Full Moon Day. Next Full Moon Day falls on Tuesday 19th September 2013. On this special day From 7AM till 9PM we observe a day retreat with higher precepts, Meditation (Calming, Insight & Noble Silence) practice, Sutta (Original Teaching Scriptures) Discussion, Dhamma Talks and Blessings Chanting. You can come and go as convenient. Advanced confirm of participation is necessary. All are welcome to share the blessings of this advantageous opportunity by participating.

We welcome to you to join us for this exclusive day of retreat with Dhamma Practice on actual Nikini (August) Full Moon Day Tuesday 19th September 2013. Programme will commence at 7AM and adjourns at 9PM.

PROGRAMME: This dedicated day of practice will proceed as follows;

You can join anytime. If you can’t stay full day, you can join for few hours as fit into your time. Come and go as you wish. Better to join for few minutes than nothing.

07:00 AM   Observing Higher Precepts, Homage Chanting

                    & Talk on Significance of the Day as a way of life

10:00 AM   Meditation (Breathing & Loving Compassion)

11:00 AM   Lunch

12: 00 PM Walking Meditation

01:00 PM   Sutta (Original Teachings of Buddha) Discussion

02:00 PM   Insight Meditation (Vipassana)

03:00 PM   Tea

03:30 PM   Continue Meditation Observing Noble Silence with Insight Meditation

09:00 PM   Chanting & Sharing Merits & End

May all be well, secure, peaceful & happy!

Wishing All A Happy Vesak Buddha Day..!


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