Open Mindfulness Blessings Meditation Evenings

Four Seasonal Meditation Sittings to End the Year

We host four meditation sessions to mark the seasonal time and to end the year blissfully and usher into the New Year with lots of strength and confidence. Anyone one drop in and join. All are free. If you wish to make a contribution, we are having a fund raising for our Child Sponsorship Project. We intend to give 100 needy children school bags and pair of shoes for New Year Schooling.

Four Seasonal Meditation

Free Evening Mindfulness Practices



All sessions are free. You can make a contribution to our Child Sponsor Project. All contributions into these sessions will proceed to buy school bags, Note (exercise) Nooks to use for the whole year and a pair of shoes for 100 children in Sri Lanka.

  • 21ST Wednesday from 7PM till 9PM

      Topic: Shine the Mind with Loving Kindness, Togetherness, Letting Go with Mindfulness Teachings

  • Saturday 24th at 11PM till 12.30AM

         Topic: Gratitude Sharing Mindfulness Blessings Sitting...

  • Wednesday 28th from 7PM 9PM

          Topic: Purity is the Bliss, Clean the Weeds in the Mind Garden to make it fresh for the New Ear..

  • Saturday 31st From 11PM till 12.30AM

         Topic: Embracing New Year New Life with Mindfulness Blessings.....

For More information, Please contact the Centre

Call/Text: 07983 466 105


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