Bak (April) Full Moon Poya Day Dhamma Dana Special Programme

Bak Full Moon Day that reveals consequences of greed & hatred and benefits of Peace & Right View

Full Moon Day is of great significance to Buddhist to take part in extra meritorious deeds and gain blessings. Every Full Moon Day commemorates the important historical incidences in the life of the Buddha and particular discourses delivered by the Lord Buddha. We invite all devotees to participate the full moon day programme.

Bak (April) Full Moon Poya Day Programme

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Saturday 24th April at 6PM

Evening Online Temple Services & Blessings…

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Today Dhamma Topic: 

Bak (April) Full Moon Poya Day that reveals the consequences of greed and hatred and the benefits of Peace and Right View.

  • This Saturday Dhamma Dana Sponosred By:

Mrs Gayathri Clarke, Mr Andrew Clarke & family.

To transfer merits to Loving Mother Mrs Chandralatha Amarasinghe on the third year remembrance. Also to transfer merits to Loving Father Mr Wimala Chandra Amarasinghe and all relatives and friends. To share the blessings with all in the family and friends.

  • This Saturday Programme Sponsored By:

Mrs Ruwanthi & Mr Chandrin Katuwawala and Family.

Wishing Loving Son Seth Katuwawala A Very Happy Birthday and Blessings to all the family and friends.

Significances of Bak (April) Full Moon Poya Day:

  • Commemorate the second visit of the Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka which tookplace in the fifth year of his supreme Enlightenment.
  • Lord Buddha visited Nagadeepa to settle a serious dispute that led into a war between two Naga Kings Chulodara and Mahodara.
  • Two Naga Kings who were in dispute, offered magnificent gem studded throne that created the war, to Lord Buddha.
  • Lord Buddha accepted the invitation of The Naga King Maniakkhitha to visit to his kingdom in Kelaniya.
  • Prince Siddhartha encountered the second of the four sights which is the sickness or a sick person.
  • Lord Buddha, along with a retinue of 20,00 disciples reached Kibulvathpura to visit his father by completing the journey on foot.

Full Moon Day Programme with

Evening Bodhi Pooja, Sinhala & English Dhamma Talks, Seth Pirith Protection Chanting, Meditation and Children Dhamma School

We regularly host these blessings dhamma dana programme on every full moon days. You can take the sponsorship to host these evening bodhi pooja and seth pirith chanting. Please contact for available dates on 07983 466 105.

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Saturday 24th April At 6PM

Bak Full Moon Poya Day Dhamma Dana Blessings Programme

06:00 PM – Homage & Special Bodhi Pooja,

06:30 PM - Sinhala Dhamma Sermon By Most Venerable Dickwelle Seelasumana Thera on Bal Full Moon Poya Day and Importance of Peace in Buddhism.

06:50 PM - Seth Pirith Protection Blessing Chanting

07:00 PM - English Dhamma Sermon On

Bak (April) Full Moon Poya Day that reveals the consequences of greed and hatred and the benefits of Peace and Right View

English Talk By Bhante Samitha Akurala

07:15 PM: Children Blessings Dhamma School Programme:

Children Presentation on: Significances of Bak Full Moon Poya Day.

Please encourage your children make a short presentation (1-2 minutes) about the significances on the full moon day or explain what people normally do on full moon day.

07:45 PM: Meditation and End of Programme

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Topic: Evening Bodhi Pooja Protection Blessings Chanting

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