Vesak Full Moon One Day Monthly Retreat

One Day Retreat Programme With Meditation & Dhamma Discussions

On exact Vesak Full Moon Day Friday 24th May 2013 from 9AM till 5PM, we observe a day retreat with higher precepts, Meditation (Calming, Insight & Noble Silence) practice, Sutta (Original Teaching Scriptures) Discussion, Dhamma Talks and Blessings Chanting. All are welcome to share the blessings of this advantageous opportunity by participating.

Our Next One Day Monthly Retreat....

We welcome to you to join us for exclusive day of retreat with Dhamma Practice on actual Vesak Full Moon Day Friday 24th May 2013. Programme will commence at 9AM and adjourns at 5PM.


This dedicated day of practice will proceed as follows;

09:00 AM   Observing Higher Precepts, Homage Chanting

                   & Talk on Significance of the Day as a way of life

10:00 AM   Meditation (Breathing & Loving Compassion)

11:00 AM   Lunch 12: 00 PM Walking Meditation

01:00 PM   Sutta (Original Teachings of Buddha) Discussion

02:00 PM   Insight Meditation (Vipassana)

03:00 PM   Tea

03:30 PM   Dhamma Talk on “Karma & its effects”

04:30 PM   Observing Noble Silence with Insight Meditation

05:00 PM   Chanting Sharing Merits & End


May all be well, secure, peaceful & happy!

Wishing All A Happy Vesak Buddha Day..!




Forthcoming One Day Monthly Retreats of the Year 2013:  

Sunday      23rd   June           2013

Monday      22nd    July            2013

Tuesday    20th     August      2013

Thursday   19th     September 2013

Friday         18th   October     2013

Saturday    17th   November 2013

Monday      16th   December  2013

Greetings for A Very Happy Vesak Sambuddha Day 2013..!

We all at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre wish you all our members and their respected loved ones and also to all across the globe, a Very Happy & Fulfilled Vesak Sambuddha Day Celebration 2013..!

We will be thinking of you all during this Vesak Season (24th – 31st May 2013) at our life engagements in practice of Dana (Generous Sharings), Sila (Morality Practice), & Bhavana (Meditation) alone side Compassion and Wisdom, in true veneration to our Noble Teaching, the Flower of Human Kind, Lord Gauthama The Buddha.

That is what our Lord Buddha appreciated as true followers. Let us endeavour to embrace the real Dhamma in this world, with full of uncertainties and suffering across the globe. We wish you all have the courage to do so.

We take this opportunity to share our profound Gratitude to those who support us to deliver that compassionate message during the year passing of 2556 Buddhist ear (2012 Common Era), comfortably at this very difficult time. Also sincerely appreciate the continuous support which make us comfortable to continue our services, flourishing with Buddhist Education, way of life in Spirituality and particularly Mindfulness & Compassion Based Meditation at the centre, in the forthcoming Buddhist Year 2557 (2013 common year).

We have organized two events to Mark this year Sambuddha Day Celebration:

On Friday 24th May 2013, we will be having a day retreat from 9AM till 5PM.

On Sunday 26th May 2013, we will facilitate everyone to practice Dhamma with dana, sila and Bhavana from 9AM till 5PM.

We look forward to seeing you on these days....!

Finally we would like to encourage all our households to join us during this week ((24th – 31st May 2013) by decorating their household shrines, houses, hosting a Buddhist Flag and visiting the Buddhist Centre with your beloved children to learn the Life of Buddha.

May you all be well and happy!

May this Vesak bring you peace, security, prosperity, moral accomplishment, liberation and lasting happiness!

With lots of metta,

Venerable Akurala Samitha

And all at Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre



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