Special Dana Ceremony For Father Mr Siripala De Silva (3rd Month), Mother Mrs Dasawathi Mendi (6th Year)

Merits Transfer to Late Parents & 50th Birthday Blessings to Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha

A Special Dana Ceremony will be held on Saturday 26th March 2022 from 10AM till 3PM to Transfer Merits to Late Father Mr Sobhanahandi Siripala De Silva on 03rd Month and Late Mother Mrs Dedimuni Dasawathi Mendis on 6th Year and also to mark the 50th Birthday of Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha. Over 30 monks are being invited to this graceful occasion and all are invited to participate. More details are please contact 07983 466 105 or 07944 13 53 14.

Thank you all for participating our Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha's 50th Birthday Blessings & Special Merits Transfer to Beloved Parents

on Saturday 26th March 2022.

Rare indeed those who are grateful and making extra effort to pay the gratitude. Thank you for valuing the selfless contributions of Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha and being in solidarity with his memorable and important special time. We are deeply touch with your humility to help in this ceremony in many ways. Blessings and Merits Transfer Ceremony was a great success! Lots of blessings for being there for us.

Below are few pictures of the event.


A Special Dana Pinkama and Merits Transfer Ceremony

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In Loving Memory of Parents of Most Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha

Later Father Mr Sobhanahandi Siripala De Silva on 03rd Months Remembrance

Late Mother Mrs Dedimuni Dasawathi Mendis on 06th Year Remembrance.

Blessings to Mark the 50th Birthday of Venerable Bhante Akurala Samitha

Saturday 26th March 2022

From 10AM till 3PM

At Free Church Hall, Gernon Road, Letchworth SG6 3HS


All are welcome to participate.

Thank you for sharing the condolences and being in solidarity with us during the last few months. In gratitude we kindly invite you and all in your family to attend this occasion.


30 monks are attending to bless the ceremony representing all the temples in the UK.

Dress Code: Please dress white and be prepared to the cold weather.


All Are Welcome to come and share the blessings. You don’t have to bring anything. Your participation is greatly appreciated. If you still wish to contribute, you can attend to any of the following. Please check with the centre before you buy anything.

Those who are wishing to contribute towards this Noble Meritorious Deed and Ceremony may send a cheque donation made payable to “Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya” or Online transfers to:-


Online Donations to Temple Account

Account Name: Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya

Sort Code: 20-41-15

Account Number: 93992683

Barclays Bank Letchworth Brach


Please put your name as reference…..


You also can make your contributions towards the following meritorious offerings..

Pirikara (Gifts) to Venerable Monks = £100 X 30

Gift Items (Kettles) For 30 Monks  

Monks Transport.

Flower Arrangements and Hall Arrangement:

Food Items: Please contact Padma On 07944 13 53 14 for list of Dana food item.

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