Day with life blessings.... Open to All to Come & See... From 9AM till 2PM

Dhamma Blessings Open Day Session with Lunch Saturday 28th March 2015

We are pleased to have you on our Open Day Dhamma Blessings with Lunch on Saturday 28th March 2015. Feel free to come with your friends or family and have a day of blessings. The day will facilitate with Silent Meditation, Pooja Chanting Blessings, Lunch and Discussions on Mindfulness & Meditation. Have a Great Summer! May there be all wellbeing and blessings!

Open Day Dhamma Blessings Session with Lunch

Saturday 28th March 2015 From 9AM till 2PM


All are cordially invited to join us on Saturday 28th March with our OPEN DAY DHAMMA BLESSINGS. This gives the opportunity to use our facilities for the developments of our way of life.


This community Open Day Programme:


9AM – 11AM : Silent Meditation (Sitting or walking)

11AM : Buddha Pooja, Sharing Merits & Blessings Chanting

12PM – 2PM: Lunch and Discussion on Mindfulness




Please note Malaysian Lunch will be provided free to all. But please let us know if you are coming just to prepare food for right numbers to avoid waste. Booking the Lunch please text or call: 07983466105 or 01462 641 688 or email us.


Please feel free to come alone with you all family and friend.

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