Vassana (Rainy) Retreat Invitation Ceremony

Dhamma Nikethanaya Annual Vassana Retreat Season 29th July - 29th October

Annual Vassana (Rainy) Retreat 2012 for Three Months of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Community commenced on 29th July until 29th October. Kathina Ceremony will be held on Sunday 18th November. All are Kindly invited to attend Meditation, Blessings Chanting, Daily Poojas & Dana activities during this Highest Blessed Season!

"Ayan Vassana Kalo" This is the Rainy Retreat Season

Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre

Annual Vassana (Rainy) Retreat 2012 Invitation Ceremony

The Annual Vassana (Rainy) Retreat is regarded as the most important period and the highest auspicious season (punnya kalaya) of The Buddhist Community. Historically, the beginning of this typical ceremony coincides with the Easala Full Moon Day in the month of July. The Noble Three Jewels (Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha) reached a completion on Esala (July) Full Moon Day as the Lord Buddha delivered The First Discourse “Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta”, setting the wheel of Dhamma in motion and ordaining five ascetics as the first disciples. Followed by this historical incident, The Blessed One (Buddha) instructed Bhikkhus (Sangha Community) to observe a retreat for three months during the rainy season (vassana).  Abiding to this custom, Buddhist Community across the globe maintained this observance of retreat annually over 2600 years to-date.

The Main objective of the retreat is to enhance the relationship between devotees (lay Community) and the ordained (sangha) by attentively engaging in three wholesome deeds Dana (generosity), Sila (Morality), Bhavana (Meditation) for practicing the core teaching of Sila (Moral Progress), Samadhi (Mental Progress) & Panna (Wisdom or Realization of the Universal Truth). This would encompass practising of Middle Path (Noble Eight Fold Path as the unique practice) and realisation of Four Noble Truths.

The Community of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre hosted the Invitation Ceremony of This Year Vassana (Rainy) Retreat on Sunday 29th July 2012. Venerable Monks (Bhikkhus), headed by Venerable Akurala Samitha observed this year treat. Venerable Bhikkhu Assaji delivered a talk on Significances of the Vassana Retreat by attending to the Ceremony.

Sri Lankan and Indian are the two major communities in management of Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre. One community leads the hosting of the ceremony by taking turns every year. Hence, the Indian Community hosted the Vassana Retreat Invitation Ceremony of this year. Mr Des & Mrs Pushpa Raj and family are the principal sponsors of this year ceremony. Whole Three Months ceremony is maintained with the full participation and support of all the community. Therefore, all are compassionately invited to take part into the meritorious activities and meditation programmes organized by the vihara, during this highest blessed season (29th July – 29th October).

This year Vassana (Rainy) Retreat Season falls from 29th July till 29th October. Annual Kathina Ceremony will be held on Sunday 18th November 2012. Centre will conduct blessings chanting bodhi pooja, sutta dhamma discussion, weekly talks, monthly full moon day observances, Full Day Silent Retreat Meditation Sessions & daily poojas. If you wish to be part of the activities during the retreat season, please see our website, for up-to-date programmes or please join our email database on or

We wish Buddhist Community a very happy, peaceful and successful Vassana Retreat 2012 with all the good health & protection. May the Light of the Noble Triple Gem continue to shine in your hearts! With blessings of the merits accrued from this highest Blessed Season, May you all progress in prosperity, leading an eventful spiritual life!


Dhamma Nikethanaya Vassana Rainy Retreat Invitation Ceremony Sunday 29th July 2012

Requisites Offered to Venerable Monks to make the formal invitation to the Annual Vassana (Rainy) Retreat 2012

Principal Sponsor Family Mr Des, Mrs Push & Raj Family Offering Poojas

Devotees attending to the Invitation Ceremony Pooja

Mr Des & Mrs Pushpa Raj making the Formal Invitation for Vassana Rainy Retreat 2012

Devotees attending to the Vassana Rainy Retreat Invitation Ceremony 2012

Mr Des Raj inviting Venerable Monks for the Vassana Retreat 2012

Raj Family Hosting Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Annual Vassana Retreat 2012

Devotees Attending to the Invitation Ceremony of Annual Vassana Retreat Season from 29th July till 29th October

Members Of the Community witnessing the Invitation Ceremony

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