Live Television to Share the Blissful Buddha Dhamma


Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Community Media Unit presents Live Buddhist TV to share the Universal Compassionate Message of the Fully Awakened Blessed One Gauthama Buddha. May all be well, secure & happy!






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 May All Beings Be Well, Secure & Happy!

Dhamma TV is dedicated to share the Teachings of Buddha in the perspective of social, spiritual, moral, cultural, medical & scientific, irrespective of region, religion, cast, creed or any other division.

"Sabbadanam Dhammadanam Jinathi" The gift of Dhamma excels all gifts. The taste of Dhamma excels all taste. The pleasure in Dhamma excels all pleasures. One, who has destroyed craving, overcomes all suffering. (Lord Buddha - Dhammapada 354)

We value your comments and contributions. So please keep us updated with whatever way you can share towards the Buddha Dhamma. Do get us in touch! Thank you.

Dear Devotees,

Greetings with Blessings of Noble Triple Gem!

Namo Buddhaya! Homage to the Blessed One!

We are delighted to let our devotees and friends know that our endeavours to initiate Buddhist Television Channel is now coming true. So good news is television named DHAMMA TV (BUDDHIST TELEVISION DHAMMAVAHINI) is now LIVE!

We would welcome you to experience this and support us to progress in this noble cause of propagating noble teachings of the Buddha with modern day technology. If we can get this a family media in our household that will allow us to fulfil our aspirations and it will follow lots of blessings to all of us.

At present, we run this with very basic and extremely limited resources (using most of free) at our budget. Hence, you would see it very low quality pictures (sound should be fine). With your support, we can upgrade this into a better quality live streaming TV Channel. Eventually we can get a channel on SKY TV box. This would be a great achievement, as Buddhists are the only spiritual community in UK, who does not have that facility available at the moment.


By subscribing as a family channel. Sponsoring to broadcast a Dhamma Talk on (in memory of) your special occasions so that anyone can watch LIVE any where in the world. Sharing the maintenance cost. Offering your skills (presenting or editing) and voluntary time.

Gift of Dhamma excels all gifts (Sabbadanam Dhammadanam Jinati). We all have dedicated to this sentiment as inspired by the benefit of the teaching of our Blessed One Gauthama Buddha! Let us join together to initiate this universal message as a Noble Sharing.

Please welcome this Gift of Dhamma! (Dhammadana)

May all beings share and rejoice in the merits of this Dhammadana (Noble Sharing Gift of Dhamma), enjoy good health, prosperity, peace and happiness! here and hereafter!

Sukhi deegayukho bhava (May you enjoy many happy returns with sound well-being)! Deva Rakkhantu Sabbada (May there be protection from all around with blessings of celetial beings)!

With metta (loving compassion)

Kindest regards,