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Series of Books and other Buddhist objects of veneration and items for Meditation that are useful to practitioners can be available from Our Book Shop at the Centre. Please visit us at the centre. We have put few of those on our website Online Shop in this page.

Welcome to the Buddhist Cultural Centre Online Book Shop:

We have a Book Shop at the Centre. All items made available for sale contribute to the upkeep of the centre and Buddhist Centre Building Fund. Your contributions proceed to a noble course. We have listed few online as well on this page. You can order it online by email or phone. Posting can also be arranged.

Items Available: Books on Buddhism & Meditation, Gift Items, Buddha Statues, Car Buddhist hangings, Audio Video CDs, DVDs, Buddhist Flags, Robes, Bells, Candles, Incense, Stupa, Buddhist Key tags, Dhamma Wheel Pendants, etc., etc.,

Emptiness Natural Selection and Buddhism

Author: Madawala Hemananda

ISBN: 9789556633788

Publisher: Buddhist Cultural Centre

Pages: 288

Size: 150mm X 230mm

Weight: 680g.

Our Price Rs. £10.00

Some Highlighted Items for Sale

Buddhist Wall Art  By Anjna Badhan

Buddha Statue

Colour is White. Made from Fiberglass in Sri Lanka

Width 35CM and Height 35CM. Collections only

(Bigger sizes also available)



Meditation Cushions

Burgundy or White Colour. Filled with Buckwheat Hulls.

Height 12CM - Width 33CM

Height Adjustable (Lowering). Collections only. £35/=


Meditation Cushions

Blue Colour. Filled with Buckwheat Hulls.

Height 14CM - Width 36CM

Height Adjustable (Lowering or Higher). Collections only.  £35/=