Children's Dhamma School

Children's Dhamma Programme EVERY SATURDAY FROM 3PM-5PM Upbringing Future Generation with Skills, Wisdom & Values, we organize this unique programme for our children in parallel to the UK National Education Curriculum objective of SMSC (Social-Moral-Spiritual-Cultural).

Upbringing Future Generation with Skills, Wisdom & Values.

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msxj;a wïfï, ;d;af;a, ohdnr ¥fõ, mqf;a…,

Dear Devout Parents, Sons & Daughters,

Oïu ksfla;kh b;d i;=áka ÿ¾,N yd úYsIaG <ud oyï mdie,a jevigykla ixúOdkh lr ;sfnkjd. <uhs ;uhs wfma f,dalh! iy wkd;.;h! wms ta wh fjkqfjka hym;a fohla l< hq;=uhs! wo wm lrk mß;Hd.h fyg ojfia orejkag uy;a jQ hym;la fõú! ta ksid wms tl;=j mQxÑ mß;Hd.hla lruq wfma <ud mrmqr fjkqfjka.

We are delighted to introduce a unique programme for our children. Children are our world and the future! Our contributions today make a big impression on our Childrens’ tomorrow! So let’s uphold this together, solely for our beloved children.

.=K keK foflka hq;= mq;=uh b;d .re..!” .=K kqjKska iy l=I,;djkaf.ka msßmqka ¥ ore mrmqrla ìyslrkq msKsi... mQcH wl=r< iñ; iajdñka jykafia fufyhjk <ud jevigyk

Upbringing Future Generation with Skills, Wisdom & Values… Ven Akurala Samitha gracefully presents a Children's Dhamma School Programme..!

fndai;a orefjda oyï mdie, jevigyk

Wholesome Children's Dhamma School Programme

fikiqrdod iji 3 isg 5 olajd

Every Saturday From 3 PM to 5 PM

At Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre

(Please note some days may fall into first Sunday rarely due to some other programmes. So Please be kind to check the pre scheduled dates for the school programmes)

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mrud¾:   (Objectives)#


tlai;a rdcOdksfha cd;sl wOHdmk mámdáfha w¨;ska yÿkajdfok

SMSC ^iudc-iodpdr-wdOHd;añl-ixialD;sl& jHdmD;shg iu.dój

In parallel to the UK National Education Curriculum objective of SMSC (Social-Moral-Spiritual-Cultural).



orejka úiskau b.k .kakd mßierhl iodpdrYS,S - Wiia udkisl iqjhlska hq;= -m%{djka; ;Hd.YS,S - m%.;sYS,S hym;a osú meje;aula ms<sno mq¿,a wjfndaohla ,ndoSu

Comprehensive & Collaborative Understanding of a Wholesome Way of Life with Morality (Sila) - Concentration (Samadhi) – Wisdom (Pragna) – Sharing (Dana) – Developing (Bhavana)).



.+K O¾u j,ska msßKq orefjda ck udOH <ud jevigyka ioyd mqyqKq lsÍu iy wjia:d ,ndoSu

Training opportunities to be a presenter for media or public events as role models of Wholesome Children.



.re iajdñka jykafia,df.a weiqßka hq;= f.!rjKSh Ydka; ñ;=reoñka msrekq Okd;aul oshqKqjlska hq;= mßierhlg <uhska yqre lsÍu

Accustom children to a holistic, friendly and uplifting environment in close association with Venerable Monks.



Oïu ksfla;kfha iudc i;aldrhla

A Community Welfare programme provided by Dhamma Nikethanaya.

We are hoping to deliver a comprehensive, collaborative and inspiring programme for children to enjoy values, morals and culture through mental development thus enhancing the quality, peace and progress in their blossoming lives. The School Programme is conducted according to a carefully prepared syllabus.

Ven Akurala Samitha is fully co-ordinating this programme with his experience as Buddhist Representative of the Advisory Council to the UK RE National Curriculum. Miss Padma Wijeratne also co-ordinates the teaching sessions. Venerable monks and parents shall create a wonderful environment to interact with children and pay close attention individually to teaching them Ethics, Meditation, Moral stories and train them to be presenters and representatives for media and other public events. This is being designed in parallel to the SMSC (Social-Moral-Spiritual-Cultural) education programmes of the Modern UK National educational curriculum. Therefore, we would encourage all parents to contribute once a month, taking turns to support for the benefit of this worthy cause for their children.

All ages of children are welcomed. We will grade them according to the syllabus. This is widely open for all children from any religious, ethnic or linguistic background as we only emphasize the Moral Establishment, Peace, Respect and mental progress of the children through virtuous friendship (good association/ good environment). Please be kind enough to inform the Vihara of the attendance of your children in advance on 07944 13 53 14 or 07983 466 105. We all look forward to seeing your children!!!

May you have the strength, courage, confidence and energy to lead an eventful and wholesome life. May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and content.

With metta ( Loving Kindness ),

Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Cultural Centre, Letchworth


Every Saturday From 3 pm to 5 pm.


At Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre

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