Gentle Exercises & Mindfulness For Pain Relief, Stress Reduction & Well-Being

Body Mind Well-Being Sessions

Unique Course to help our life style. Gentle Exercises with Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Management & Stress Reduction & General Body Mind Well-Being. Guided sessions by an experienced practitioner. Now enrolling for new course. Register Now.

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Gentle Exercises & Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction & General Body Mind Well-Being



At Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre

No: 69, Pix Road, Letchworth SG6 1PZ



This is an introductory course for beginners with basic instructions. Introducing a new form of Exercise inspired from the ancient art. No previous qualifications or experiences needed. You can just join in.

We teach very effective techniques from the beginning to make the practice easy. It also focuses on Pain management, stress reduction and general well-being and happiness.

These sessions help to improve the confidence and self esteem leading to inspire into a quality life. Questions and Answer sessions to enrich the understanding and clarity of practice.

This is a secular practice that has direct benefit on well-being. This course has no any religious obligation.

Come and try Meditation, Mindfulness and some gentle exercise for wellbeing.

Cost: Book in Advance: £80 per person for eight weeks. On the day £120 per person for eight weeks. Please note this is another welfare service conduct by Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Centre. Cost is for just to cover the general expenses to keep the service available. According to our tradition, we cannot (dont) price tag our services.


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This is a hybrid course with Mindfulness Meditation & Gentle Exercises to focus on Pain Relief and Stress Reduction. Really effective and self applicable techniques are being taught in guided sessions. The Course is being delivered by Claire Humphries.


Claire Humphries is a wellbeing therapist and Backcare Expert. A practitioner of various holistic therapies, she is passionate about transforming lives from being in pain to having a happy, healthy life free from pain. She uses techniques including gentle stretching and mobility exercises, working through the entire body using a variety of techniques and personalised guidance always promoting mindful practice.  To book a place on our FREE open evening book (5th October 7pm) Click here For more information and booking for the evening course in Hitchin on Mondays or morning course on Thursdays click here making sure you specify which day you wish to book. or CLICK HERE

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Body Mind Well-Being: Mindfulness Meditation, Pain Management, Stress Reduction Gentle Exercises 8 Weeks Course: provides Basic instructions. Introduces a new form of Exercise inspired from the ancient art. Beside reducing stress or relieving pain, this will improve health and slow down the deterioration of the skin and muscles as we approach old age. Mindfulness Meditation leads you to a happy and peaceful way of Long life.

From Birth to Death and especially as we grow old we experience numerous kind of different worldly conditions. Some of which is very challenging. But many of us tend to believe some situations hardly can change or else they are meant to be in similar situation.

We all are gifted to have an extremely graceful life, no matter how different you see, eventually all the same. Everyone deserves to experience its own full benefits.

Therapist and backcare expert Claire Humphries will introduce gentle and safe exercises for pain relief and wellbeing. Improve your posture to enable better breathing, function and mental health. Stay mobile and learn to use your body avoiding unnecessary tension or pain. Suitable for all, exercises can be done sitting or standing and are also suitable for rehabilitation of injury, operation, pregnancy and ideal for those who need gentle movement such as for fibromyalgia/CFS and other conditions.

Well, you hold the KEY!

Never too late as NOW is the time to start!

You can do it and we will show otherwise.

Our practices and guidance would help you to build up your confidence and transform life challenges into new way of prosperous life and longevity.

After experiencing a session, one said we can save all the trouble and the time visiting hospitals and also save lots of money in the NHS if we can widen up the awareness of this as there are so many in hospitals not knowing what to do exactly next. Another who was benefited from this session after a terrible bereavement and loneliness, was highly enthusiastic to introduce to those who are such plights. We can bring many beautiful stories but we wish to leave it open for you to come and feel rather pre-conditioning.

Our objective is to develop skills (kusala) in a quality and eventful life! Just Drop in and see the difference to realize how much you could do in your life to be happy and peaceful.

We can visit your organization, Company or Home and do a FREE SESSION without any obligation. This will improve the quality of your work and lead from strength to strength with prosperity. Just Try & See!

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Mobile: 07983 466 10507983 466 105    Telephone: 01462 641 68801462 641 688




Claire’s Zen and the art of preventing back pain

By Layth Yousif

The Comet: Thursday, October 1, 2015

A wellbeing and healthcare expert has joined forces with a Buddhist monk to give the people of Hitchin the tools they need for happy, healthier living.

Back care expert Claire Humphries, and monk Bhante Samitha – who hails originally from Sri Lanka and has been teaching mindful meditation for 20 years – will be sharing the secrets of happiness and good health at an open evening on Monday at Tilehouse Street Baptist Church from 7PM.

They will be starting an introductory course to wellbeing using mindfulness, meditation, breathing, stress relief, self-esteem, gentle exercise, posture techniques, and the latest scientific research to help people understand how to enhance their life.

Claire said: “People hear about mindfulness and meditation, and would like to try it, but aren’t sure if it is for them.”

“People can come to the open evening and try it for themselves, and if they’re interested we’ll be starting an eight-week course from Monday, October 12, so they can have the support and guidance they need.”

“Bhante and I work together to stop pain and stress to prevent disease and unhappiness so this course really is suitable for everyone.”

“I’m also running another popular Back Fit For Life course this month on back and joint pain prevention to help people with back pain”

“50 per cent of people suffer back pain in their life.”

“I had it myself, which is why I trained to help others with what I have learned.”

“The course is both preventative and curative.”

“It’s ideal for anyone with back or joint issues, or who wants to know more about their back, or are recovering from injury, operation, pregnancy or just want to be more bile as they age.”