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Practicing Dhamma is the highest form of joy. We would like to share our practitioners’ thought-provoking, inspirational & creative insights with all our members in wider community through this wall as a notices board... Feel free to join. May your awakened mind bring you peace and happiness to you and all..!

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BBC4 'Genius of the Ancient World'

There will be a new series 'Genius of the Ancient World' on BBC 4 on Wed, 5 Aug at 2100.

The first programme will be on the Buddha.


Please inform all.

--------------------------------------------------  New Health & Well-being Course ----------------------


For Pain-Free Living..!

Fridays at 12.30 at Xchange Fitness, Hitchin.

It's suitable for everyone all ages and abilities, even if they need to sit down and do it, they can just turn up and the first class fee from each person that comes I will donate to Nepal Earthquake Appeal at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre.

If anyone is having a back pain; get me in touch as I will be running a course to help them as well starting in June and if they can sign to my facebook page:

or website:

They can receive free back care and health tips and the chance to win a free place on my course. The back care expert - sign up for free back care tips and find out about courses running in your area ****Hitchin course starting 3rd June 2015****

For pain-free living!

For further details please contact:




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Refurbishing Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre Project – Pace 01 - April 2014

Big Thank you & Great appreciation with blessings to all those who are helping this noble cause!

Volunteer Mission Blessings have launched at Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Meditation Centre to refurbish a long due repairs of the centre.

We are so grateful to our friends who work very hard physically and support us in many ways to make this a success. Centre Building was waiting a long due refurbishment. However, we are discovering lots of further challenges to repair. Our devout friends to dealing as they emerge with devotion and dedication!

Bless you all! This is one of eight greatest blessings in Mindful Buddhist Tradition! Without your help, it could not have been possible! Everyone seems enjoy doing such good service. Much more to do. Humbly await your co-operation to finish the refurbishments!

14th June 2013 Be-Friend............

Thousands of candles
can be lighted from
a single candle, and
the life of the candle
will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases
by being shared.

Be Mindful....
Do not dwell in the past,
do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind
on the present moment.

28th May 2013

Thank you Bhante & all at Dhamma Nikethanaya Meditation Centre for wonderful teachings and guidance. A happy, peaceful week full of goodness to all.

Practicing, practicing --- now a little off shore! - Simon

BE MINDFUL.......                                             

04th June 2013

Dhamma Lions..
AdOpt ME....

Have a Compassionate Life..
May all beings be well & Happy...

DandeLion = Dhamma Lions..                                  

07th June 2013

The Impermanent Nature of A Dandelion.

The dandelion told me this morning that it does not die. It continues into another form like a wave returning to the ocean or a cloud turning to rain and returning to the sea....

Will keep exploring Dhamma (Truth of the Nature).. Have courage All. Be well & Happy!