Things Needed Know When Visiting the Centre

Temple Etiquettes


Temple Etiquettes:

Things Needed to Know When Visiting the centre


Please be aware that you are visiting a place sincerely dedicated to Buddhist Culture, Education, Meditation (Mindfulness (Tranquility & Insight) & Loving Kindness), Psychotherapy & Counselling and also a place of worship in the Buddhist Community. Please maintain the silence during your time at the centre. This would support ongoing meditations and other educational, well-being and religious observances. Please respect the CALM atmosphere.

During your stay, you are not suppose to spend your energy and/or time in discussions of politics, gossips or time passing meaningless word games like conversations. Instead everyone is encourage to constructively engage in practice and explore of anything related to well-being, peace & happiness based in Buddhist Education and Mindfulness Practice. There are plenty of resources to support that noble course in the library.

Dress Code:

Please be kind to dress modestly, Dress should be simple, modest, and comfortable. Tight, transparent, revealing, or otherwise striking clothing (such as shorts, short skirts, tights and leggings, sleeveless or skimpy tops) should not be worn, if if you wish to visit the centre. We appreciate if you avoid any bright colours in dressing. White, Off White or Cream colours are mostly suitable.

Other Customs:

Please don’t not cover your head or wear any hats, caps etc unless otherwise for health reasons, in the centre or at our gatherings. Covering your head with hoods is not suitable.

You will be required to take off your shoes when entering the temple.

Monks at the Centre are from Theravada Tradition. They practice strict celibacy. They don’t have any physical contacts with opposite sex. If you wish to greet them, please take your palms together close to your heart (as in a prayer position) and say “hello” or “Namo Buddhaya” or observe a deep pause attentively with bending your bust.

Greetings Forms:

Meeting Forms of Greetings:

Hello (if you wish; followed by personal address e.g. “Venerable Bhante, Sir or Bhante Samitha or for laity by their name, first or last”. This is the common English way).

Namo Buddhaya (Meaning Homage to the awakening or Awakening One, or Blessed One. This is the proper Theravada Buddhist Way of welcoming greeting. These two words are in pali language).

Ayubowan (May you live long. May Longevity be with you. This is Proper Sri Lankan way of greeting. This is a Sinhala Word).

Departing Forms of Greetings:

Good Bye (or any other English form of greeting is suitable.)

Sukhi Hotu (Meaning May you be well & Happy! This is a SHORT form of Proper Theravada Traditional Buddhist Departing Greeting. These two words are in pali language).

Sukhi Deegayuko Bhava (Meaning May you live in Peace, happiness and all the well-being. This is a bit LONG form of proper Theravada traditional way of Buddhist departing Greeting. This is a pali sentence).

Ayubowan (In proper Sri Lankan tradition, same welcome greeting is also being used for departing as well, meaning May you live long in good health. This is a Sinhala word).

Theruwan Saranai (These two words in Sinhala language are being used to greet in departures, meaning May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you! Triple Gem means Buddha awakened One, Dhamma Teaching, Sangha Spiritual Community)

All Greetings are being shared by both parties with palms jointly together and keeping them close.

Addressing or calling monks need to be done always respectfully according to their seniority and position. Please don’t call them only by their first name. Always pronounce the name with appropriate prefix or suffix. Please use the word “Bhante” (meaning monk or priest) or “Venerable” always before their first name. Alternatively you can use “Hamuduruvo” or “Swamin wahanse” as suffix after their first name.



Please read the article on our website “Offering Food to Monks” for more details.

Other Donations:

For any Cash donations, please ask for an acknowledgement (receipt). Please use the Donation Box for any unattended cash donations.

Other requisites can be handed over to monks or the management committee. Please consult the centre before you buy something, to check if those are useful for the centre. This will help to avoid waste. We have miscellaneous goods donated to the centre which are surplus to our requirements. CASH donations are always wise way of contributing to utilize the up keep of the centre.

Fund Raising:

We have miscellaneous goods donated to this temple which are surplus to our requirements. Therefore as a much needed fund raising venture for the maintenance of this temple in these difficult times we are holding a TABLE TOP SALE at the premises. We would appreciate your support, help and co-operation in making this sale a success.